Monday, July 16, 2007

Garfield was right; or, Why Soccer still doesn't matter

Monday. You all know how it goes. The start of a new week, filled with promise and hope. Right, not around these parts either. For me, Monday is a four letter word. It speaks of long hours at work, more stupidity than could choke a moose, and it all gets to start almost an hour early.

And this was no ordinary "I-hate-everything" Monday. No, today I had a new hire with me. Which means, I get to train them. Now while i don't despise this particular task, it's not how I prefer to start off my week. That, and having someone else in the vehicle that I have to talk to and train, means i can't listen to my radio shows/podcasts, and therefore puts me in a crabby mood (I'm a simple creature, with simple needs, OK?)

Oh, and let us not forget, David Beckham has come to the US.
Yeah, no one cares. Well, no one except for the myopic US soccer fan. The guy who swears soccer is the next big thing in the country. That somehow, a guy who is a good player, GOOD player, not great, will move the needle. Here's the thing. He won't. End of discussion. David Beckham isn't going to get more kids to play soccer (they all do already), and while some people might take notice for a month or two, it won't take long for them to realize "oh yeah, it's soccer, we didn't watch it before, why watch now?".
And don't tell me about Pele, and the New York Cosmos. Yes, I know that they sold out Giants Stadium once. Big deal. The league they played in, The NASL, yeah, that didn't last too long after that. And the MLS, please. They get ratings below Poker tournaments and even Hockey.

And it's not that I dislike soccer, or Beckham. Far from it. I'm just not convinced it's going to change anything. Soccer is a great game, but with all the other choices out there for sports fans, as well as non sport fans, it's not going to make a big blip in the long run.

There, I said it. For you soccer fans, take your shots. I will take all of them. And if I'm wrong, I WILL be the first to admit it, I promise you that

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Wardo said...

So is that US soccer, or European soccer? Or is it football? Hell now i am all confused. What are we talking about again?