Monday, March 31, 2008

Reassesing; or, A Truth Comes out

I'm finding it a little bit difficult right now to put into words how I feel. I guess I knew what the reason I was being taken out of the situation by the guys was, but it still is hard to take. It's never easy feeling like you're losing friends. But, all the signs were there, I should have seen this coming from a block away. It would have been nice if those involved could have treated me like an adult and just said it to me, instead of behind my back for what turns out to be years, and then dropping it on me and offering nothing in the way of explanation or reason. But, that's how it went down, and that's how it will be. Nothing to do now, but continue forward. 

P.S. - Despite what anyone may think, I will not hold any grudges or ill will. Life is too short for something like that. 

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Beginning; or, Finding Myself an Apartment

So, the past couple of months I've been feeling like a bit of an outcast in my house. For those of you that don't know, I live with 3 guys, and have for a few years now. Well, lately it's been strained. I dont really know why, because no one has talked to me about anything. It's apparently been building for a long while now...but rather than be adults about things, and talk out any problems, things festered, built up and friendships became strained due to it.

My thing is this. I have no problems if someone has issues with me. I try really hard to not fly off the handle about stuff. I'm human, and sometimes over react, but still, if you have an issue with me, talk to me about it. But you have to have the stones to do that. Which must be harder that I think it is.

But, that's life, I'll survive and advance. Things happen for a reason, and life comes at you in different ways. It's all about moving on, evolving, and trying to be a better person. Which would be easier if people would talk to you about your faults, but if they won't, you just have to deal with that.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well Hello There; or, Still Kicking!

Ok, so I haven't updated in somewhere around 2 months. But, it's been interesting, and I've been dealing with all that. So, where to start?

Well, New job. No more DHL (Welch Aviation). They fired me. Why? Because I didn't send a message to the office about a pickup at the theater. And apparently that is a fireable offense, on the first offense. No warning, no nothing. Oh well, in the end, I'm much better off with out them, and they have to get someone else to fill my route (which i did for 3 years). So, it's all good =)

Now, on to the new stuff. I'm starting out with a part time gig working for a Voip company. It's actually a reseller of Voip equipment and service. So far, it's a good job, I'm learning a lot, get to work in a relaxed environment, and for a good guy that respects me and treats me good. Also, some occasional video work still. So it's all good there too =)

I also had a little vacation a couple weeks ago. 1 week in Orlando, hanging out, going to Sea World, and Tigers spring training. It was a good week, much needed, and over too quickly.

There's some other stuff going on with me right now, but I can't really go into all that at the moment. But as soon as I can, you will all be informed. I will be updating this blog more often, and I mean it this time. Also, check me out at Twitter for updates as well. Until next time...keep it real.