Thursday, December 27, 2007

Get Up, Come On Get Down With The Bloggness; or, Believe It Or Not, I Am Still Alive

Wow, so it's been quite some time since I've last blogged. I'm sure of the 3 of you who read this mindless drivel, you were happy with that fact. Well, I'm not Robert Scoble, but I shall endeavor to press on, and restart my little bloggity blog here.

Now, where to start?

Ah, yes, the radio show. Seems a good place since that was the subject of my last entry. The Trifecta is going strong, every Tuesday night, from 11pm-2am eastern time. And now that the holidays are past us, I will be able to get the past month or so worth of shows up online. My work schedule has just not allowed me the time. But rest assure, they are coming, and you can subscribe to the podcast feed of those shows here. We are having a good time with it, and while we have no real numbers, we think that slowly, we're building a fan base.

Speaking of work, this year was by far the worst in terms of volume for Christmas. But somehow, I survived it, and will push on, in hopes that a change is on the horizon for me, career wise.

Other than that, it's been pretty much par for the course. I did have my birthday about a month ago, which went well, as it usually does. Far less drunk this year, which believe me, is a good thing. The mead has been finished, and half is already gone and drank. I think it turned out pretty good myself. In fact, most all who have tried it, said it was good. Even Jim, who hates everything, and isn't afraid to tell you about it. I am pleased that it turned out well, and will be starting a new batch soon.

Also, in technology news, I took the plunge, and bought a big screen tv. 42" of LCD greatness I must say. I was stupid enough to go out for black friday and stand in line for 3 hours starting at 2am to get it, but in the end, it was worth it. The TV is outstanding, and now that Pat has his PS3, we have some fantasic gaming and movie watching going on. Well, not much of an update, but it's all you get. Oh yeah, vacation time is coming soon. I have two trips planned. One to florida for a week, sometime in March, to visit friends and relax. And a second, week long road trip to see 5 or 6 baseball games in different citys. More on both of those as detail become available kids. Until the next time (which i promist will be less than 2+ months), this is TV's Travis, signing off


Kevin said...

Sounds like you're having fun! I agree about your mead, it is fantastic. Where's my truck load? Haha. :)

Anonymous said...

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