Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday; or, Spring Has Sprung....Sort of

I'm getting all settled in and situated at my new house. Yes, HOUSE. It's awesome to have an entire house all to my onesies. Only real complaint is the small shower. But, I knew about it before I moved in, so I can deal with it. The adjustment to not having cable tv has been probably the biggest change for me, mostly because I watch too much of it. But I'm surviving, and certainly enjoying my space.

On the work front, things are progressing nicely. Got a new computer (with spiffy new 22in. monitor, hehehe), and we're getting a lot of business, which keeps me busy and employed. There's also rumblings about moving into a new office downtown. No confirmation on that as of yet, but it sounds like a definite possibility.

My online presence should be back up to normality again, as the most daunting part of moving is over. That's all I have for you, gentle reader. But I will return next time with more thrilling adventures! Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!

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