Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Computer Troubles; or, Someone call Max Von Sydow

I agreed a couple weeks ago to fix a friends computer. Nothing new there, and I began as I have so many times before. Except that this time, it was a machine with Windows XP Home edition. ugh. While this should not cause to many problems, it in fact did. Because you can't use an XP Pro CD to install XP Home. So after sacrificing a goat and 3 chickens to appease the gods, I had to call in the professionals. They came in the form of DBAN, or Darik's Book and Nuke to be exact. It wipes the hard drive clean allowing for a fresh install. But not just clean, oh clean the DOD couldn't get any info off the little bugger. Needless to say this is a lengthy process, which I began Saturday afternoon, and will commence sometime around midnight tonight. Way longer than it should, but I was out of options, and desperate. The worst part, is my computer has been disconnected during all this, which means I have been sans computer since Saturday. Luckily I have my trusty Lappy486.

Everything should be back to normal tomorrow, but head my warning: Check which version of windows the serial key is for BEFORE you begin the install. It will save you time and sanity, both of which are in short supply as it is.

One last note. My radio show has changed yet again. I am now moving to Tuesday nights from 11pm to 2am (possibly with a co-host to trade off every week, not sure on that part yet) but it's a more free form show, so I will hopefully get to expand and experiment some. Tune in starting next week, and feedback is always appreciated

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