Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Polluting Airwaves; or, Radio Gold!

It's Tuesday night, which means I am currently on the air, doing my weekly radio show on WNMC. If things go well, this will hopefully be the last one I do alone. I'm currently awaiting word back from the station manager about my idea to bring in Patrick and Joe, and do some sort of late night talk/music radio. Things sound favorable, and it looks good that it will happen, but until it does, I am stuck doing my show alone. It's not that I don't like being able to do a show on college radio, the freedoms of it are much better than commercial radio. It just gets pretty boring doing music radio for 3 hours. That's why I want to bring those guys in, bring some newness to the show. Keep it fresh, and interesting, with some good bantering, pop culture and movie references, and just overall, different from traditional radio. If I had my way, I'd do all talk radio, with just music for bumpers, I find that to be much more compelling radio personally. But, even a combination of the two would be better than straight music, and if it's Pat, Joe, and myself; entertaining to the extreme!

In other news, the Mead is coming along. It was racked from the pot, to the first jug today. I'm not sure how it's going exactly, because I've never made the stuff before, but so far, it seems fine, and smells really good. It's still a few weeks off before I can say for certain I brewed it correctly, but we shall see.

And lastly, this past week, in my fantasy football league, I mopped up, scoring a league record 206 points. I try not to brag much in my life, and I know karma will come back to bite me on this one...but HELL YEAH! Eat it boys...for this week, I RULE!

Well, back to work on the show

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