Monday, March 31, 2008

Reassesing; or, A Truth Comes out

I'm finding it a little bit difficult right now to put into words how I feel. I guess I knew what the reason I was being taken out of the situation by the guys was, but it still is hard to take. It's never easy feeling like you're losing friends. But, all the signs were there, I should have seen this coming from a block away. It would have been nice if those involved could have treated me like an adult and just said it to me, instead of behind my back for what turns out to be years, and then dropping it on me and offering nothing in the way of explanation or reason. But, that's how it went down, and that's how it will be. Nothing to do now, but continue forward. 

P.S. - Despite what anyone may think, I will not hold any grudges or ill will. Life is too short for something like that. 

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